Starcom Systems Updates: January 2012

Dear Colleagues,

This past year we have worked intensively on various projects – of which some are already finished and others are going to be finished very soon – and I am happy to give you an update:

  1. As you may already have noticed, we redesigned our Website and added more information, more pages and more products.
  2. We have launched our various social networks connections. You can now use the following links to connect us:Facebook at //
    Twitter at //
    LinkedIn at // and
    Google at .
  3. Many new improvements were made to Starcom Online as it continues to grow and expand in its infrastructure. The improvements included new reports, map improvements, new functions to the monitoring screen and many other.
  4. Helios: some of our clients have already tested and approved the new model based on uBlox modem. The new version has the following improvements: lower current consumption, much faster and improved GPS, and better analog sensing. It’s planned to be commercially available at February and yes, we are planning to give full technical support to OBD2 canbus no later than the third quarter of the year.
  5. Hands-free kit (HFK): up until today we purchased hands-free kits from 3rd party suppliers. During the last year we have developed our own HFK and it works much better than the 3rd party HFK.
  6. Garmin Navigation Support: throughout the year, we have been interfacing the Helios with the Garmin, which allows the client to purchase Garmin with the appropriate cable in every store, connect it and receive messages directly on the screen. Starting on March, we will be offering to purchase the cable directly from us.
  7. Watchlock: last year we’ve launched the product along with Mul-T-Lock (//, the world leader company in the padlock market, part of the Assa Abloy Group. It was very well received and we got very promising number of future orders. During the beginning of February we will begin marketing the second version that will have, along with other various improvements, a better current consumption, an improvement in the speed and the precision of the GPS, a built-in accelerometer, better detection of the padlock mechanism, and easier interface to the Installer Application.
  8. Tetis: last year we launched the product. It went over a series of extensive testings and we started with its the commercial sales. As well, we improved the current consumption, and the reception of the GPS. More than that, the product underwent a series of very demanding laboratory tests and it passed them all successfully.
  9. Rainbow: last year we worked on the exterior part of the product, starting with the plastic body and through with the replacement of the modem, the GPS, the battery, the speaker and the microphone and we hope to launch the new version on the second part of the year.
  10. Kylos: it’s a brand new product that will be used to monitor merchandise. It includes GPS and GPRS, batteries, and some of the versions will also include an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and a light detector. We plan to launch it during the second half of the year.
  11. We plan to start working with the satellite interface with all our products as well as start using the RF interface, that will allow a wireless connection to external sensors to some of our products.

As well, 2011 was a very prosperous and interesting year for our team as well:

Both Inbar, our Logistics Manager, and Maxim, our Tetis and Watchlock Product Manager, welcomed their first born. One of my own sons got married and we welcomed a new employee in the software development department. At the moment, we are in the process of hiring a new employee in the technical support department and we will temporarily separate from Vered, who will soon take time off on maternity leave.

Either way, we want to thank you for being with us during the past year and we hope to see you among our clients this year as well.