August 27th, 2008: Helios Announcement

Starcom System Ltd. Announces the Launch of the Helios Product Line

August 27th, Starcom Systems Ltd., provider of tracking and monitoring solutions, announces today the launch of the new Helios product line, available in September 2008.

Following a series of tests, Starcom Systems is happy to provide the Helios products for real-time monitoringand tracking vehicle fleets. The Helios products, including hardware and software, are designed to provide all vehicle location requirements, such as vehicle security and fleet management.

The Helios device features a user-friendly interface. Advanced algorithms and analytics result in delivery pertinent information, in real-time, via any web browser, thus ensuring maximum control and transparency of operations.
Whether it is the ability to fully-customize alerts or to switch systems to automatic, the end goal of maintaining operational stability and continuity is assure.

The following are the Helios product’s remarkable features:

  • Option to combine between different stipulations to define an event.
  • Option to define of the event’s result as a combination between number of options, including an outgoing transmission, and/or outputs change.
  • Upgrading the built-in firmware over the air.
  • Option to work in 8v-28v range.
  • Compact size which includes built-in antennas.
  • A variety additional features including: Accelerometer and ZigBee RF connection.
  • A variety of products for distinctive purposes of use in a wide range of prices.

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