Starcom Online for Mobile

Starcom Systems is keeping on pioneering and leading the tracking and monitoring market in both online and offline applications. Since Starcom recognized the huge potential in Online for Mobile, we developed the recent update that allows you to be in control all time by simply using your mobile.

It is estimated that 10% of web usage today is being done using mobile devices – cellular phones and tablets. The market share of web traffic has been more than doubled in the past two years, and it keeps on growing every day. Out of four billion mobile phones available worldwide, one billion are smartphones

Starcom Online for Mobile was first made available to our thousands of clients on November 2010, and enabled a mobile friendly interface for locating devices (car tracking / containers tracking) on the map.

This is a free service as a part of the online application. Starcom Systems’ mobile user gets an interface specially tailored for smartphones. This unique feature enables the user to gain the desired flexibility. By simply using the mobile browser and visiting Starcom Online, it automatically detects the browser used as a mobile browser, and presents the mobile edition.

Starcom presents this for all of our products, may it be Helios (vehicle monitoring and tracking locator), Tetis (container locator), Watchlock , the smart  reporting lock), Kylos (wireless asset management locator), or Rainbow (personal locator). The interface service is including main power, ignition states, lock states, and so on – similar to the Map Screen on Starcom Online. Starcom also added the ability to send remote commands to the devices, and view them not only on Starcom Systems native maps but also on Google Maps. In addition Starcom added a link on every page that lets the users revert back to the full Starcom Online application in case they prefer to do so using their device.

Starcom will continue to invest and lead in the Online for Mobile for the various usages in fleet management, container, asset locator and personal locator.

Starcom systems wishes to thank personally to its dedicated clients for the mutual cooperation that enables us keep on innovating and improving our products and services. Your constant feedback provided us the ability to recognize the potential and trends of the mobile world, and continue to develop products for this market.

For more information on Starcom systems products and services please visit our website: and for more in depth information including price lists, please contact Ms. Nurit Shai at: [email protected]