October 30, 2007: Starcom Update

This month we bring you the latest news and updates of July through October 2007, featuring the first release candidate of our new maps engine!

Starcom Online:

  • The new map engine is here!
    The new map engine is a Flash based engine with a completely new design. Besides the regular features it also includes an instant perimeter creation, distance measurement tool, finding closest vehicle to a point, map dragging, and much more!
    Few of our operators have already received an invitation to try out the new map engine. Currently it’s available for our operators in Colombia, India, Italy, Mexico, and Romania. As the trial will progress we’ll continue converting the maps and more operators will receive an invitation.
  • Maps: Added the maps of Afghanistan.
  • Maps: The following maps were updated: Argentina, Barbados, Ecuador India, Mexico, Montenegro, Nigeria, Serbia, and Ukraine
  • New language:  Catalan (Català).
  • New language:  Mongolian (монгол).

Routing Application:

  • New feature – Built-in connection to Starcom Online: This feature gives the operator the power to modify your IP or even migrate the routing to a completely different server independently without the need of contacting Starcom. Moreover, and this was our main goal for which we’ve developed this upgrade, this version will automatically detect Starcom Online’s server, and if our regular server was replaced or down for maintenance, it’ll automatically connect to a different backup server. It also enables us to proceed with few other redundancy systems that we’re planning.

On the business aspect:

  • In the last few months, two operators were established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Mongolia and Russia.
  • After reviewing many offers, the SIIRD international foundation has decided to grant a funding for Starcom Systems along with GlobalTrax for developing a system for tracking, alerting, and repoting about shipping containers both at sea and on land. The tracking system will integrate RF, cellular, and satellite technology.

The development has started and we’re currently in the definitions stage.
This choice clearly defines the technological edge that the funtation has spotted in Starcom Systems.

  • We’re proud to announce that we have received the “Outstanding Exporter” award from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor for the year of 2007.