July 16th, 2007: Starcom Update

Dear Clients,

This month we bring you the latest news and updates of May and June 2007, featuring two new accessories!

New temperature sensor!
A new temperature sensor is now available. The sensor includes filters and was designed to work specifically with the LCU-500!

Bluetooth connector!
A new bluetooth connector is available to connect the LCU-500 to any laptop or a PDA without the need to connect directly with a cable. The connector was designed to work with the LCU-500 and is switching off with the engine. It can be used with the Installer application or with any PDA GPS navigation application.

New Starcom Mobile edition!
Starcom Mobile, which was introduced on May, has a new edition with a neutral logo to fit any operator without the need for the Starcom Logo. The application is also now available in Spanish (in addition to English and Italian).

Starcom Online:
We are proud to inform you that in the past two months, the amount of daily messages handled by Starcom Online is now over 2.5 million transmissions. The system is proving to work stably without any special problems due to our network of servers worldwide.

  • Infrastructure: Added a brand new server to the Starcom Online servers network.
  • Maps: Some Europe maps were updated, and added new maps in South-East Asia.
  • Reports: “Work Hours” is now the default selected report. The order of the reports was changed.
  • Reports: Added a new report – “Vehicle History – Technical”. The report includes all the information received from the unit and is currently only available for operators’ account – not to end users.
  • Current username and local time now always on the top of every page.
  • Maps: Improved maps drawing quality.
  • New Language: Serbian (Srpski).

Starcom Website:
New galleries were added (Our Headquarters, Jordan, India, Serbia, and Argentina), and the Dominican Republic gallery was updated. Also some translations were updated (including Arabic and French).

Saving a life:
We would also like to use this opportunity to inform you of one live-saving case that made it to the main news in New Zealand. A truck driver who survived a 150m plunge over a cliff and was critically injured was found by searchers using the wrecked vehicle’s LCU-500. Although nothing much was left out of the truck itself, the LCU-500 kept on transmitting until the rescue workers have arrived to the location. You can read more about it and see the pictures at //www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/story.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10449051.