May 16th, 2007: Starcom Update – Starcom Mobile is available

Dear Clients,

This month we bring you the latest news and updates of March and April 2007, featuring a brand new application!

Starcom Mobile is available!
Starcom Mobile is an application to your mobile phone, that enables you to see the map of the vehicle’s location and send various commands to it. It is fully integrated with Starcom Online, and any user can simply use their online username and password to start using the application!
The application is available for any mobile phone supporting java mobile applications (most phones made after 2001 fulfill this requirement).

Starcom Online:

  • Users/Profile: A new option – “Show Coordinates In Reports”. When selecting this option, the reports will show the exact coordinates in any line where an address appears.
  • Reports: The “Geo Fencing” report is now also showing the mileage at the time of the transmission.
  • Reports: Added a new report – “Monitored Events”. You can use this report to show the latest received events of the monitor screen, and to get a schedule reports about them directly to an email address.
  • Reports: Reports limited by time will now show a warning.
  • New Language: Malay (Bahasa Melayu).
  • Maps: Some Europe maps were updated, and added new maps in South-East Asia.

Routing Application:

  • The Buffering feature was rewritten to be able to transferred buffered messages ten times faster than before.
  • Obsolete “Units Addresses” feature was removed, and several other modifications were made to improve the speed of the application.

On the business aspect:

Since March 2007, 2 new operators were established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Kuwait, and Serbia.