March 8th, 2007: Starcom Update

Dear Clients,

This month we bring you the lateset news and updates of 2007, including two major features.

A new version of the LCU-500 is available!
The new version, Hardware Version 4, is a redesign of the LCU-500 board, to include the modem on the board itself, and an easier way to replace the SIM card. We used this opportunity to add more components to ensure even more stability of the modem and the unit.

New interactive tutorials!
New tutorials were created that include a complete course about Starcom Online, all its screens and features. The tutorials are in Macromedia Flash format, and include both video, audio, and subtitles to give an insight about each page and feature of Starcom Online. The tutorials enable new clients to study the system by themselves from scratch, and get the maximum out of it. The tutorials are currently available in English and Spanish.

Starcom Online:

  • Added email notification for operators if Starcom Online cannot reach their routing for over 1 hour.
  • Help: Added interactive tutorials for better understanding of the service and its usage. Our big thanks to Frederick Fontanot from Uruguay for the Spanish translation.
  • Monitor: Added an “Address” column.
  • Monitor: Added an option to filter by vehicle, group, and event.
  • Monitor: Alerts can now be defined per unit.
  • RFID Support: Added support for tanker truck monitoring system (TTMS), to protect all the valves of oil tankers and receive notifications if there was opening in an unauthorized location.
  • RFID Support: Added support for securing cargo with electronic RFID seals – this was done with a different system than the TTMS solution above.

Control Center:

  • Added an option to backup and restore the database (not including the transmissions history). Don’t forget to make sure you’ve set the operators access rights accordingly.
  • Fully tested to be compatible with MySQL 5.0 Community Server.

On the business aspect:

  • A new tanker truck monitoring system project was successfully launched in the Dominican Republic by our representative – Point Telematic Tracking System. The system was installed on Exxon Mobile (ESSO) trucks – one of the top four oil companies in the world. The responses were very positive from everyone involved. This project joins another TTMS project that is already running in a major oil company at the Middle East that is running successfully for two years.
  • Since the beginning of 2007, 4 new operators were established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.