December 26th, 2006: Starcom Update

Dear Clients,

We’re proud to get back to you with the latest updates, summing up the year of 2006.

Starcom Site:

  • The following links were added in the Partners section: CVT of Curacao, RF Solutions of Trinidad, PHU IDZIAK of Poland, SecLog of Mexico.

Starcom Online:

  • Map page: Added an option to view an entire group.
  • Vehicle search can now search by partial vehicle name.
  • New language: Bulgarian (Български)
  • New language: Papiamento (Papiamentu)
  • New language: Dutch (Nederlands)
  • New language: Albanian (Shqip)
  • New language: Polish (Polski)
  • A new servers infrastructure was set to improve the speed and stability.

Control Center:

  • The Inactive Units report now shows the Address of the unit.
  • Search Unit will now also search by Plate Number.

On the business aspect:
In the past two months since the last update, another operator was established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

It was a very active year. You can read more about the activity of the last year at 2006 news

We, at Starcom System, would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the last year, and wish you happy holidays and a happy and successful 2007.