October 29th, 2006: Starcom Update – GMS-500 mouse and Arming/Disarming Transponder are released

Dear Clients,

We’re proud to get back to you with the latest updates, and this time we have to offer two brand new accessories!

A new product was launched: GMS-500!
The GMS-500 is a brand new GPS mouse, based on u-blox receiver. There are two versions of the product – the basic version, which is far better than the GPS mices that we had until today in terms of reception, accuracy, and startup. The advanced version, which has a higher cost, enables reception in tougher locations, such as armored vehicles, where the windshield is flat.
The GPS can either be used with our LCU-500, or can be connected directly to a computer, laptop, or PDA, to be used with any navigation software.

A new accessory is now available: Arming/Disarming Transponder!
The brand new transponder is working with a receiver that is connected to the unit. The transponder can be carried in a pocket (its measurements are 40x47x5mm), and once the person approaches the vehicle, it is automatically disarms. When the persons leave the area of the vehicle, the unit will automatically arm itself.
The product was created by our operator in Italy.
If you have any product that you created as an accessory for the vehilce (such as Temperature Sensors, USB connectors, Bluetooth adapters, RFIDs, etc.) we’ll be glad to test them and offer them to our clients around the world.

On the web application, the following changes were made:

  • Home: Added the “Latest Updates” section to the welcome page to inform operators about every update applied to the service.
  • Reports: Export option was added to allow exporting the report to a Comma Separated Value file (can be read with any spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel).
  • Scheduled reports: Added an option to receive the report in a CSV format.
  • Addresses throughout the service now include the perimeter name, if available for the location.
  • Units table: Search feature now also searches by vehicle model.
  • When a session expires, the login page will reload with the correct operator template. If you have your own custom-made login page (such as Multi-Starcom), please contact us so we’ll have that page presented after the session expires.
  • New maps were added: Kenya, Bangladesh.

On the routing application, the following changes were made:

  • GSM Modems: Leaving the SMS Center field empty will use the built-in SIM card SMSC.

On the business aspect:
In the past two months since the last update, few more operators were established, and Starcom System