February 19th, 2006: Starcom Update – Web application updates

Dear Clients,

We’re proud to get back to you with the latest updates, which in most part are unique to Starcom Systems, using algorithms that were developed in the company.

On the web application, the following changes were made:

  • Major design modification that lets each distributor to use the application within their site with their logo, language, and even color! (today a blue and black designs are available. If more colors are needed please let us know)
  • Clicking on an address on any report will zoom in to the location of the address on the map.
  • On any report or map an quick button was added that let you create a perimeter from the current location.
  • The home page was change and is currently contains the last 5 units that were the user was interested about, a button to quickly create plans and reports, a fast access to the units, and the vehicle wirings.
  • More commands are now available to be sent to the vehicles, upon permission of the local operator.
  • The reports were modified to give an option for weekly and monthly reports to the email, in addition to the daily ones.
  • Each report can now be issued for the entire fleet or a specific group of it.
  • A wiring table was added giving wiring information of over 6500 vehicles.
  • When issuing a report that requires a plan, a notice will be shown.
  • The advanced workplans can now support much more assignments (was limited to 10 assignments per workplan).
  • The speed of the site was improved.
  • And most important – the Plan section was added, in order to let the client define their needs, and a workplan plus reports are automatically generated. That saves the client the process of issuing reports, and creating workplans (which are now known as “Advanced Plans”)

Procedures and staff description for security control center:

Operators can now access a training application that explains the procedures of the company.

This application goes through every procedure and explains the daily operation – who’s participating, their jobs, and a flow chart of the procedure.

On some of the procedures, a scenario is presented that explains on how to use the Control Center software.

There’s also a description of the company’s structure, a description of every staff member of the company, their requirements, experience, and their success factors.

All the procedure and job descriptions can be downloaded.

Active clients that hasn’t got the access yet are welcome to contact us to get it.

The PL

The Personal Locator is still under development. A major specifications changes were made to improve the final product, including:

  1. Changing the GPS for better results.
  2. Adding an accelerometer into the unit both for vehicle and person purposes (for example – detecting a fall).


We hope that these modifications will not cause any delay in the availability and we’re currently planning on having the PL available in May.

We’re also proud to announce that we have received a confirmation on a patent registration of the Personal Locator.

As you can see, we keep on investing resources in order to keep our technology lead for the benefit of the operators and our clients.