In a world of global commerce, guaranteeing the safety and quality of your cargo shipped through the sea is essential. According to the National Cargo Security Council lost and stolen cargo costs the industry an estimated shocking amount of $50 Billion annually. This doesn’t include products whose quality was jeopardized during the shipping process. Tetis, Tetis R and Tetis R Hybrid provide the perfect solution for the tracking, monitoring, and management of your cargo. Tetis monitors every aspect of the shipping process from the moment the container is sealed until it safely arrives in its destination. This includes both the quality and the security of the cargo. Quality assurance includes light, humidity, temperature range inside the container and impact to the container.


Tetis provides a complete tracking and monitoring solution for dry containers. This includes both real-time and after the fact report of your container, documenting its entire journey and highlighting any irregular event.

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Tetis R

Tetis R is the ideal solution for refrigerated cargo and integrates multiple sensors, including a highly sensitive temperature sensor which measures accuracy up to ±0.2°C. The system gathers accurate records of temperature, humidity, and light regularly.

By being able to monitor and manage the storage environment of containers and reefers, the risk of damage and loss of freight is significantly reduced.

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Tetis R Hybrid

Tetis R Hybrid provides combined connectivity – both cellular and Iridium satellite, allowing you to track and monitor your cargo anywhere and anytime – even when outside cellular connectivity range. It features all Tetis R capabilities with enhanced connectivity.

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