Tetis R - The Monitoring and Tracking Solution for Dry and Refrigerated (Reefers) Containers

Tetis R: Designed especially to ensure safe delivery of your Temperature Sensitive cargo

  • Integration of multiple sensors to provide reliable and accurate information about temperature, humidity and light conditions surrounding the contents of the container.
  • Highly sensitive temperature sensor measuring accuracy up to ±0.2°C especially for frozen or chilled cargo or containers carrying medical supplies.
  • Built-in accelerometer keeps you informed about changes in movement or events of impact, such as attempts to break-in.
  • A flexible system that can be fully configured to meet customer requirements, with regards to information, times and significant alert notifications in real time.
  • The audit trail feature allows for tracking the entire journey on a map and includes a detailed report of all the recordings.
  • Fast and easy installation by attaching the unit to the container door frame with a magnet.
  • A standalone unit operated by rechargeable batteries.

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