Helios case study – Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions

  • Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions
  • Field: Sail Boat Rents
  • Usage: The system is connected to the ignition, the cabin
    doors door, the bilge pump
  • Alerts: Geo fencing, Status Request, Work Engine Hours,
    Opening of the Cabin, Speeds and Routes carried out the boats
  • Benefits: Better service to the clients provided that the
    control centre is aware of the position of the boats at all
    times. Less communication costs. Minimize the risks of the
    possibility of theft of the boat. Less help Desk hours link to
    the lack of communication through mobile phones. Better control
    of the skipper which usually has rented the boat bareboat. In
    the past ther have being some incidents with the illegal pick up
    of non European residents from turkey boarders to mainland
    Greece, therefore we provide the possibility of minimizing this
    type of events.
  • Link: //www.uniglobal.gr

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