Helios case study – Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions

  • Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions
  • Field: Tourism
  • Usage: The system is connected to the ignition, the passenger
    door, fuel gauges and panic button
  • Alerts: Geo fencing, Status Request, High Speed Violations,
    Non Authorized pickups through door digital input, Consumption
  • Benefits: Better service to the clients provided that the
    control centre is aware of the position of the vehicles at all
    times. Less communication costs, Less help Desk hours link to
    the lack of communication through mobile phones. Minimizing
    expenses coming from speed tickets, Better control of the driver
    (which carried out unauthorized pick ups for self purposes),
    Better efficiency on the consumption, Minimizing the loss of
    fuel given that the drivers during the summer spend plenty of
    time during the waiting hours with the ignition for the Air
    conditioning without being authorized for it)
  • Link: //www.uniglobal.gr

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