Helios case study – Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions

  • Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions
  • Field: Security Solutions Integrator
  • Usage: The system is connected to the ignition, both doors
    separately, and the Fuel Gauge through the analogue input of the
  • Alerts: High Speed Violation, Passenger door open, Drivers
    Door Open, Temperature drop, Geo Fencing
  • Reports: For this client there is important to monitor the
    progress of the works carried out by their technicians. Working
    Hours. This particular report is very useful ,for their sales
    representatives who are most of the time on the street and it
    was very difficult to track.
  • Benefits: Minimizing expenses coming from extra gas and the
    service of the vehicles, Better Quality of service to their,
    clients were installations and service of equipment takes place,
    Better efficiency from the sales people, Extra safety on the
  • Link: //www.uniglobal.gr

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