Helios case study – Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions

  • Dealer: Uniglobal Solutions
  • Field: Milk Distribution Between Italy, Netherlands, Germany,
    Austria and Greece
  • Usage: The system is connected to the ignition, both doors
    separately, temperature sensor through the analog input, and
    panic button.
  • Alerts: High Speed Violation, Passenger door open, Drivers
    Door Open, Temperature drop, Geo Fencing
  • Reports: For this particular client there is a high level of
    importance regarding the arrival of the truck to both port Italy
    and Patras-Greece
  • Benefits: Minimizing of expenses regarding expensive speed
    violations in Europe. Minimizing of tickets coming form driver
    over the allowed time window. The client is now ableto provide
    their clients with a better feed back on the deliveries. More
    clients given that the monitoring of the temperature is
    important for many of the companies in the dairy market.
  • Link: //www.uniglobal.gr

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