Helios case study – Dealer: i:Track

  • Dealer: i:Track
  • Field: From Container freight station to Port for export ctrs
    and port of container freight station import ctrs
  • Usage: Unit is connected to oil/ water/ gradual stop/ fuel
  • Alerts: leaving/ entering
  • Reports: daily reports on work hours/ stop hours/ geo
    fencing/ oil/ water/ speed— works summary weekly
  • Benefits: Customer has operation has 125 vehicles. Customer
    had constant backlog of ctrs to be delivered and each ctr
    delivere at port is revenue. Customer believed that he delivered
    5 ctrs a day while the actual average was 2.4. a) proper
    maintenance of vehicles batteries/ oil/ water leading to lower
    down time. Pro active maintenance rather than reactive
    mantainance b) fuel pilferage enroute c) added security for
    vehicle and contents of high value. embarassement with customer/
    involvement of police incase vehicle with ctr was stolen d)
    leaving/ entering permiter of container freight station. within
    15 days the average has moved to 4 trips a day. 1.6 extra trips
    translates into 12,000 usd extra income per day as well as
    reduces the hiring of outside vehicles e) as soon as vehicle
    leaves port thru they get an alert and they get prepared for ctr
    loading. f) ability to present to the port authorities
    documented delays at port

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