Helios case study – Dealer: i:Track

  • Dealer: i:Track
  • Field: Cash management for banks and retail customers.
    Refilling ATMS
  • Usage: Unit is connected to back door/ emergency button/ oil/
    water/ gradual stop/ key pad
  • Alerts: emergency/ not entering- not leaving
  • Reports: Daily reports on work hours/ stop hours/ geo
    fencing/ oil/ water/ speed— works summary weekly
  • Benefits: Customer has operation in 45 cities- 450 vehicles.
    In first phase a) proper maintenance of vehicles batteries/ oil/
    water leading to lower down time. Pro active maintenance rather
    than reactive mantainance b) all odometers were found tampered
    with showing 20% extra mileage. Customer was ending up paying
    20% extra. With correct mileage he was able to reduce thru GPS
    he is not dependent on odomter and cost reduction of 15% in fuel
    bills c) Works Hours Summary- reflection showed fleet usage.
    Customer was able to reduce fleet size by 4% by reallocation
    with same amount of business. Cost savings in terms of driver/
    armed gurads/ maintenance/ depreciation/ insurance/ fuel/ road
    tax/ capital outlay d) added security for vehicle and contents
    of high value 2nd Phase a) not leaving depot on time- late
    arrival of drivers got curtailed b) not entering depot on time-
    over time was investigated/ vehicles taken home. reduction by
    10% in overtime and drop in fuel bills c) entering/ leaving geo
    fencing enable the customer to go to the banks with reports to
    demonstrate average time at each geo fence was far in excess.
    Customer making progress in reducing his in/out time with
    customers. Same fleet more work

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