Helios case study – Dealer: Cyber trace

  • Dealer: Cyber trace
  • Field: Hotpoint is the regional LG distributor for Kenya.
    Their core business is distributing electronic appliances to
    retailers across the country.
  • Usage: Driver and Passenger door sensor, Hood Sensor, Fuel
    Level monitoring, Fuel Cap opening sensor, Water Temperature,
    Oil Pressure, Shock Sensor, Keypad, Ignition
  • Alerts: Tow Alert, Water Temperature warning, Oil Pressure
    Warning, Hotwire, Main Battery Low, Route Violation
  • Reports: Work Hours, Stop Hours , Speed Violations, Fuel
    Usage, Route Violations
  • Benefits: Hotpoint has had increased monitoring and
    management of their fleet since installing our system. This has
    lead to reduced costs due to elimination of wastage and
    pilferage. It has also enhanced customer service through more
    accurate deliveries and real time updates on the location of
    their merchandise. Additionally the drivers now feel safer as
    they have the knowledge that in the event of an accident or
    theft event, there is 24X7 rescue and response in place to
    assist them

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