Helios case study – Dealer: Cyber trace

  • Dealer: Cyber trace
  • Field: Rapid Kate is a leading transportation and haulage
    company in the region. With headquarters in Nairobi and branches
    in several cities and countries, their core business is haulage
    of containerized cargo either for the Kenyan market or our
    landlocked neighboring countries e.g. Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic
    Republic of Congo etc.
  • Usage: Driver and Passenger door sensor, Hood Sensor, Fuel
    Level monitoring, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Shock Sensor,
    Keypad, Ignition
  • Alerts: Accident (Shock), Tow Alert, Water Temperature
    warning, Oil Pressure Warning, Hotwire, Main Battery Low, Route
  • Reports: Work Hours, Stop Hours , Speed Violations, Fuel
    Usage, Route Violations, Entering/Leaving perimeter
  • Benefits: The cargo that is transported by Rapid Kate is
    usually quite expensive in value. Installation of our system
    allowed Rapid Kate to have real time view and update of the
    status of their trucks so as to better monitor the cargo in
    transit. Similarly, delays occasioned by bad roads, customs
    roadblocks and traffic jams can be better monitored and planned
    for. This has led to Rapid Kate having the ability to
    proactively advise their consignees of any delays as well as to
    seek immediate remedial action based on the circumstances of the
    delay. Long distance travel, especially on long empty stretches
    of highway can be dangerous. The drivers of the trucks are very
    appreciative of the response and rescue package that allows them
    an extra level of comfort as the carry out their tiring yet
    vital role. Rapid Kate also believes that they will also have
    significant cost savings as a result of preventative actions the
    can take in the event of oil and water warnings.

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