Helios case study – Dealer: Cyber trace

  • Dealer: Cyber trace
  • Field: BM is a premier security company that provides various
    services including : Guards, Cash In Transit, Alarm Response
    etc. They are headquartered in Nairobi with several branches
    across the country.
  • Usage: Driver and Passenger door sensor, Hood Sensor, Fuel
    Level monitoring, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Shock Sensor,
    Keypad, Ignition
  • Alerts: Accident (Shock), Tow Alert, Water Temperature
    warning, Oil Pressure Warning, Hotwire, Main Battery Low, Route
  • Reports: The reports that the client receives on a daily
    basis are: Work Hours, Stop Hours , Fuel Usage, Route
    Violations, Entering/Leaving perimeterAlerts
  • Benefits: Security of both property and lives is a very
    sensitive business. Rapid response is vital to diffusing
    potentially deadly scenarios. Our solution allows BM to have
    real time location and situation status for their fleet of Cash
    in Transit vehicles that allows them to respond rapidly in the
    event of any incident, Similarly the control room dispatcher at
    Bob Morgan is able to identify which of his/her units are
    closest to the scene of an incident e.g. burglary and dispatch
    them immediately BM also expects to realize cost savings through
    the rationalization of their fleet distribution as well as
    reduced operating costs based on accurate fuel measurements.

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