Helios case study – Dealer: Cros

  • Dealer: Cros
  • Field: Fashion factory
  • Usage: Fleet, basic applications. Distribution for the
    stores. (web)
  • Alerts: Perimeters, Distributions time. Working hours.
  • Reports: daily reports on work hours, SMS, mails for
    monitored events. Used by the fleet manager of the client.
  • Benefits: Significant improvement in the service to the
    customers; better control over the drivers.
  • Dealer: Cros
  • Field: Dippers distributor
  • Usage: Doors and ignition
  • Alerts: Door opening (Fleet) out of perimeter / road.
    Ignition, alarm (During night and weekends). (This client would
    like to receive alerts for doors only when motor is ON).
  • Reports: Daily reports on work hours, all fleet alerts,
    working plans, velocity.
  • Benefits: Significant improvement in the service to the
    customers; prevention of loss of merchandise as a result of
    better control over drivers. (One day after installing the
    system, a driver was caught after announcing a “fake” robbery
    and charged for fraud, he couldn’t explain his story when the
    archive showed he was part of the conspiracy.
  • Link: //www.upamayorista.com.ar/
  • Dealer: Cros
  • Field: Security Company
  • Usage: Fleet control. (web)
  • Alerts: Velocity, Alarm, emergency button.
  • Reports: work hours, supervision over supervisor’s work.
    Velocity, monitored custody while protecting a clients trucks
    with merchandizing / v.i.p security.
  • Benefits: Significant control over company’s operation.
    Marketing tool to sale more security services.
  • Dealer: Cros
  • Field: Private cars, president of the company
  • Usage: Personal security of the president and family. (web)
  • Alerts: Emergency, car steeling.
  • Benefits: Better feeling while traveling in the city, the
    alerts go directly to the cellular of the security chief of the
  • Dealer: Cros
  • Field: Law and order
  • Usage: Fleet management. The police command center is
    connected to the Fleet Management software to manage all
    emergency units of the
  • state (Police, ambulance and firefighters).
  • Alerts: Emergency button, position.
  • Benefits: Significant improvement in the service to the
    community and more useful control on operations.

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