Helios case study – Dealer: Comsat Latin America, Inc

  • Dealer: Comsat Latin America, Inc
  • Field: Cold and Dry Goods Transportation for National and
    Multinational Clients
  • Usage: Unit is connected to the Driver Door, Ignition, and
    Temperature Sensor.
  • Alerts: Low Battery, High Speed Violations, Temperature
  • Reports: Daily reports on Stop Hours, Fuel Consumption, Speed
    Violation, Geo Fencing
  • Benefits: Significant improvement to service provided to
    customers, merchandise temperature sensor is a “Value Added”
    quality control service for clients; prevention of loss of
    merchandise as a result of Temperature Deviation; fuel savings
    from “Stop Hours and Fuel Consumption Reports”; savings on
    “Insurance Claims” and “Vehicle Out of Service Time” due to
    “High Speed Reporting”.

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