Routing Application- the communication core of the system

Starcom’s Routing software is the center and the heart of Starcom’s Communication Chain- it is responsible for receiving the transmissions from the units and redirecting them to their predefined destination.
The Routing application works using the Mobile Network and the LAN / WAN simultaneously.
The Routing application supports receiving data messages – from GPRS/1x networks and the SMS channel – from large quantities of GSM and CDMA units at the same time.
Routing the exception notifications to the customer’s mobile phone.
Routing requests for the vehicle’s location, and sending commands to the
vehicle from the customer’s mobile phone.
The application enables the operator full control and flexibility over the units.
Like any of Starcom’s software, this application is intuitive and user friendly, and accompanied by the full support of Starcom Systems through all phases of installation and its operation.

Download Routing App Brochure

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