A standard is a specification of the technical demands and conditions under which a product is considered to be safe, of good quality and suitable for its vocation, as defined in every field.


The standardization process is long and complex, examining many aspects of the product, starting with the materials and the product structure through safety, durability, and water and/ or temperature resistance, to meeting the targets and functions as were specified by the manufacturer.


As part of the process, the Company is required to present many documents and detailed information about the production process and the components building the product, while the product itself is being physically examined thoroughly in licensed laboratories.


Once the product is approved and certified, it ensures the quality of the product according to the stringent requirements defined by the industry.


All of Starcom Systems products were tested and approved to meet the strictest standards of the world’s leading organizations. Below are the certificates of international standards and specified test reports available for the Rainbow:



 C93291 02

 K120692 fcc
 S93291 02

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