Starcom Systems’ Online web application is one of the most effective tools for web based fleet management, container management, as well as for monitoring and management of people and of assets.

The units registered on the web application can be displayed over a detailed map, reporting their status and condition in real time. The application is optimized for all types of advanced mobile devices (smart phone, iPad), and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your home, on the road or in your office, you can monitor and manage the units under your supervision.

The advanced sophisticated fleet management system generates operational and statistical reports, according to the organization needs and requirements. In only a few simple steps, you can analyze data from cross- section data bases (driver behavior/ vehicle behavior/ work hours etc.) to provide you with a view on patterns, needed for essential management.

The fleet management application is user friendly and easy to operate. You can prepare a customized event, define where information is routed, and set the timing. The application is backed by built-in support, so that anyone can maximize the options it offers.

The fleet management software is flexible and can be defined to alert on a number of conditions happening simultaneously. For example, an alert could be generated by any opening of the cargo door outside the authorized unloading zone. The software also enables to easily define the destination of the alert and the priority of the routing, thus providing a real-time monitoring from anywhere at any time.

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