Where to buy?

Starcom Systems chain of distributors and partners is spread globally, and consists of over 100 partners in more than 50 countries.Starcom works in full cooperation with all its partners, carefully listens to their requests and their special requirements, according to their unique characteristics. Accordingly, also Starcom’s applications are fully customizable and adaptable, enabling each customer to implement a personalized solution according to their personal needs and the needs of the organization and the local surroundings.Starcom Systems is fully customized to working globally and providing global service on the one hand, while emphasizing the cultural and economic differences of each customer on the other. Starcom’s advanced system is localized in 32 languages, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Technical support systems and network servers are also spread as a global infrastructure, enabling a stable, reliable and continuous performance of the systems.Respectively, the sales and service array of Starcom Systems is also spread across the globe to provide a fast and accurate solution in every region.

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