Kylos Compact - The Portable Tracking Solution

Kylos Compact: Designed to track merchandise, assets, people and pets and to keep them secured.

  • Integration of cellular communication abilities and GPS technology to deliver accurate data for business and personal tracking needs.
  • A compact, lightweight and water-proof unit, designed to be attached to all kinds of assets and worn by people and pets.
  • Due to its built-in wide range of sensors, it is receptive to any changes in movement, location, light and temperature.
  • Sends notifications by text message or email about changes in predefined settings or in cases of an irregular event or security breach.
  • Easily hidden in any item you choose to protect, allowing you to track confidentially and recover stolen items.
  • Built-in panic button for summoning emergency responses.
  • A stable & reliable system that allows for long periods of operation.

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