Kylos Air, the way to Fly!


Kylos Air, the way to Fly!

The way to fly!” a popular slogan from British Airways, becomes NOW a reality when Starcom Systems introduces its NEWEST Kylos family member: KYLOS AIR, the monitoring solution for ensuring safe delivery of AIR CARGO from origin to its destination. With the set of built-in light, temperature, accelerometer and its NEW barometric sensors, KYLOS AIR becomes a specialized and sophisticated tracking device, designed for the purpose of monitoring and tracking air cargo and minimize the risk of damage and loss from your merchandise. KYLOS AIR is actually the perfect complement for TETIS R devices that are used to track containers and Refeer containers in real time for security and management.

  • The system triggers an alert with any irregular event. This includes any change of location, temperature, impacts, or light exposure. You’ll receive a real time alert at each point in the shipping process, and know whether the product has left your facility, arrived at the airport or had already been delivered at its final destination.
  • Temperature alerts will notify you on temperature deviations and keep you notified in the event of fire or container’s door opening. The light sensor can provide an alert in case of theft attempt, offering an overall solution for ULD Palettes (standard aerial Unit Load Device) and ULD Containers.
  • Records of historical sensor conditions and alerts to special events can help investigate any incidents experienced during the cargo’s shipping process – all from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.
  • The NEW KYLOS AIR is a completely safe solution that complies with the industry’s demands of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Air Regulations. The cellular modem is deactivated during take-off, and reactivated automatically upon landing.

The sky is NOT the limit anymore! Take advantage of the innovative KYLOS AIR device that will expand your sales, and offer completely NEW markets. For more information and sales, contact us NOW!

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