2017 Greatest Moments!

2017 Greatest Moments!

2017 Greatest Moments!

With 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to look back at 2017 and recall this year’s greatest moments. We released new products, made software and hardware improvements and introduced new features. More than anything, 2017 was filled with integrations of new platforms, new hardware and unique co-operations. Here are some of these great moments:

- Helios TT for ATM machines: our track & trace unit, the Helios TT, continues to prove its versatility and ability to perform many tasks. This year, one of our European customers has installed the Helios TT in its ATM machines. This wide-range ATM project proves once again that Helios TT can be a great track and trace device for any transportable asset.

- New Helios TT design: to make this great unit even better, we’ve added an additional input and additional output – to be able and connect even more parameters to the unit.

- New Helios Keypad!: We’ve worked on several new accessories for Helios in 2017. This includes our Bluetooth remote control, new hands-free kit and the new Keypad which already hit the market. We expect the Bluetooth remote & new Hands-Free kit to be publicly available in the beginning of 2018.

- Electric motorcycles: We’ve started a working on an solution where Starcom’s advanced systems are to be integrated as part of the assembly line!

- CAN BUS adapter: We’ve launched a new CAN BUS adapter which works with over 1000 different CAN BUS protocols. Initial tests were already made, and this too will be publicly available in 2018.

- We’ve integrated new protocols into Helios: Towable vehicles protocols were integrated into Helios, allowing full monitoring of their various parameters. This includes even trailers’ tire pressure monitoring.

- CropX project: We’ve partnered with CropX – a world leader in the Ag-Tech field. Its devices enable farmers to accurately measure their crops irrigation needs in real time, or as they call it “The internet of soil”. We are thrilled to take part in such a great project.

- New Driver Management tools: We have successfully integrated Magnetic cards reader into our Helios Advance – allowing driver to identify themselves easily and efficiently, as well as launched driver assignment management to Starcom Online for selected clients.

- We’ve integrated units from other leading manufacturers into our software: Among these units are Teltonika, Ruptela, Qeclink, Meiligao, Meitrack, Suntecg, Tramigo, Wonde and Nimble. This means it is easier than ever to upgrade your existing tracking system to Starcom!

- Control Center is now available in a web-version: We’ve migrated Control Center from PC to Online, being the first and only in the market to bring the Control Center to today’s technology. This allows our partners to establish their call centers easily based on our servers, and manage both their fleet and control center under one platform.

- Our Cyber Security has been tested: We’ve passed a cyber security inspection of a highly respected external company with flying colors.

- Our new billing & ordering system is here: Our new system makes sure no invoice or order is left behind. With auto-send, it is easier than ever to manage your billing.

These moments of success can be a great inspiration for more co-operations and integrations in 2018. We will continue to innovate and improve our products for you in 2018, so keep tuned – the best is yet to come.

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