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In the January issue of Starcom’s monthly newsletter, we introduced you to the Helios TT and its unique capability to track, trace and protect both private motorcycles and fleets of delivery scooters. In this issue, we bring you the real stories behind the scenes, giving you a sneak peek into theRead More >

Starcom Online- Major improvements to the reports system  Starcom Systems is happy to present major software improvements to the Starcom Online Starcom Systems upgrades its Online Application with two important enhancements to the columns selection and map routes. After a great deal of work by our development team, we haveRead More >

Helios Hybrid- continuous performance even in areas without cellular coverage Starcom Systems is pleased to present the recent advances in our tracking and fleet management systems: The Helios Hybrid- an innovative integration between the Helios GSM/HSPA vehicle location unit and an Iridium satellite module. This advanced system, whose core function isRead More >

Fuel is today’s largest expense for running a vehicle, making it one of the largest expenditures for operating a vehicle fleet. The escalating fuel pricing poses fleet managers with the challenge of managing their driver usage of fuel more carefully and effectively. Starcom’s longtime Panamanian partner, Mr. Juan Tarté ofRead More >

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Meet Helios TT (Track and Trace) -The NEW advanced unit for monitoring your vehicle Helios TT opens a new profitable niche in the market: The Motorcycle Market which is fast growing and demands high levels of security. The Helios TT is a small unit and can be fully concealed fromRead More >

Helios TT Evaluation KIT

Dezember 8th 2013

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Kylos is the most sophisticated easy to use unit for tracking merchandise in real time for protection and management. Starcom Systems has just completed a very successful trial for dumpsters tracking with the Kylos device for your benefit. The Kylos unit was placed inside a dumpster in a concealed spotRead More >

It’s been a busy summer for Starcom. Our Tetis container tracking system was selected by Zim, one of the leading and largest international Shipping companies, to be featured at Israel’s key annual logistics event, PORT2PORT. Our cooperation with Zim emphasizes Starcom’s fast growing recognition as an international market leader inRead More >

No more hesitations – you can now bring your entire fleet online! . The necessity to be connected to the entire fleet is now finally possible. Nowadays, more companies in your field are discovering the benefits of fleet management systems to gain control, increase efficiency, and drastically reduce costs. Therefore,Read More >