The need for information


Avi Hartmann, CEO Starcom Systems

After 18 months, it is not a secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic, had a dramatic impact on global container logistics. Many port authorities are still significantly understaffed, some are still under serious movement restrictions or partial lockdowns, which results in a global container shortage.… Read More...

Major Disruptors for Shipping in 2020

What are the main Shipping Disruptors in 2020

By Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Product Starcom Systems


There are many technological disruptors being spoken about as we enter the new decade. Terms like AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and EV (Electric Vehicles) being just some examples. Some examples can be put down to hype, some are old buzzwords renamed.Read More...

Life-Saving Technology

We see it as our purpose to implement our technological capabilities to benefit people’s safety and general well-being. Starcom Systems utilizes its technology to assist emergency services and potentially saves the lives of people who experience heart arrhythmia too far from their nearest hospital.… Read More...