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Helios Hybrid – the Everywhere tracking and monitoring solution Helios Hybrid, our innovative car tracking solution – which combines both cellular and satellite communication – makes sure you are covered no matter where you are. When you need to stay connected with your fleet anytime and anywhere – you wantRead More >

Zeppos – The new tracking App Starcom Systems is proud to present Zeppos – a new track and trace application for mobile devices. Zeppos allows you to turn any mobile device into an end unit, which you can easily and conveniently track through Starcom Online and Olympia tracking. The ZepposRead More >

Kylos Air – approved by Amerijet Kylos Air, our latest addition to the Kylos family of products – has introduced Starcom Systems advanced technology to the world of sensitive air cargo. With growing demand for quick supply of sensitive, perishable, high value cargo – the need for close monitoring andRead More >

Starcom Online Revolution: OTA configuration in a click It’s here, it’s better and easier than ever: Starcom Online is proud to present Over the Air configuration, enabling to configure all units in a click, with no need for a Routing server and in a quick, user friendly process. Starcom SystemsRead More >

Train robbery: Watchlock saves the day! Watchlock, our high security communicating padlock proved once again that a reporting lock with real time alerts leads to a quick response and prevents cargo theft and loss. In an amazing turn of events, armed security officers stopped a cargo train headed from ChinaRead More >

Helios – A complete management solution Finding new applications and functions for our advanced hardware and software solutions is always exciting. One of our customers has recently come up with a new implementation to our Helios family products implementing it as a complete logistics services management solution. The client, MamanRead More >

The country side: A whole new market for Helios! Providing out-of-the-box solutions has been one of the keys to success in the business of GPS tracking devices. Traditionally, Helios family products have been used to monitor vehicles: Fleet cars, Trailers, Taxi fleets, Motorcycles, Bicycles and even Boats.This month’s newsletter isRead More >

Kylos Air, the way to Fly! “The way to fly!” a popular slogan from British Airways, becomes NOW a reality when Starcom Systems introduces its NEWEST Kylos family member: KYLOS AIR, the monitoring solution for ensuring safe delivery of AIR CARGO from origin to its destination. With the set ofRead More >

Within a few days to 2016, it’s time to look back in 2015 and recall the main events of this closing year. A great deal of work was invested in 2015 to assure our clients will enjoy new products, better services and to provide new features and a high-level support.Read More >

A NEW and simple solution will extend several folds the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems products! A NEW, simple and revolutionary solution developed recently by Starcom Systems will extend several times the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems products: Watchlock as well as Tetis and Kylos product families, will now be able to function for extended periods ofRead More >