Starcom Systems – Extended Battery Life


A NEW and simple solution will extend several folds the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems products!

A NEW, simple and revolutionary solution developed recently by Starcom Systems will extend several times the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems productsWatchlock as well as Tetis and Kylos product families, will now be able to function for extended periods of times, thanks to this innovative and sophisticated feature.With the continuous growth of the market, one of the most requested features, the battery’s expected charge life time, was targeted.… Read More...

Kylos Compact targets the growing Electric Bicycle Market!


A new outstanding opportunity for a market that is increasing exponentially is waiting just for you:  Electric bicycles and Motorcycles can be monitored using latest Starcom’s KYLOS COMPACT unit.With the continuous growth of Electrical bicycles and motorcycles sales – the GPS track and protection against thefts has become a vital factor for security, insurance and fleet management.


Starcom Systems’ enhances its new mapping web application


Starcom Systems’ enhances its NEW MAPPING images at Starcom Online platform, on a FULL screen with faster and easy-to-access tools and services for all of our products!

Starcom Systems goes now into the BIG SCREEN! Starting next week, the integrated MAPPING images, routes, icons and graphical tools will be shown on the screen in a higher level, intuitive, easy-to-use and far more impressive!… Read More...

Olympia tracking – NEW exciting features


Olympia tracking mobile APP has been UPDATED with NEW exciting features that are available now!

Starcom Systems has recently UPDATED its OLYMPIA TRACKING APP – The FASTEST alert system for your smartphone or tablet: Its NEW OUTGOING COMMANDS and REPORTING options makes Olympia APP the most efficient and user friendly monitoring mobile software!