The country side: A whole new market for Helios!


The country side: A whole new market for Helios!

Providing out-of-the-box solutions has been one of the keys to success in the business of GPS tracking devices. Traditionally, Helios family products have been used to monitor vehicles: Fleet cars, Trailers, Taxi fleets, Motorcycles, Bicycles and even Boats.This month’s newsletter is dedicated to open a NEW MARKET by applying the Helios device to agricultural machinery: Tractors, Plowing machinery, Planters, Slurry spreaders, Fertilizers machines, Crop sprayers, Harvesters, Mechanical Tree Shakers, Wagons, Combine tractors and any Heavy duty agricultural machinery used in the field.… Read More...

Starcom Systems – Extended Battery Life


A NEW and simple solution will extend several folds the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems products!

A NEW, simple and revolutionary solution developed recently by Starcom Systems will extend several times the battery life-time of all Starcom Systems productsWatchlock as well as Tetis and Kylos product families, will now be able to function for extended periods of times, thanks to this innovative and sophisticated feature.With the continuous growth of the market, one of the most requested features, the battery’s expected charge life time, was targeted.… Read More...