Tetis case study – European cigarette manufacturing company

European cigarette manufacturing company

  • country: operating worldwide: America, Europe, Middle, East Africa, Asia

Field: Cigarette manufacturing factory

  • Usage: A Standalone Unit operated by rechargeable batteries, A Convenient Option for routing information to authorized persons only,ability to audit trail the Entire Journey on a Map and receive a detailed report, Ability to define a Geo-fence function for receiving information. Fast and Easy installation by attaching the unit to the container door frame with a magnet
  • Alerts: Door open / closed
  • Reports: Daily reports on: Position of the container; Door open / closed, Lighting level in the container; may indicate that the container door has been left open or imply that there has been an attempt to break-in
  • Benefits: If a rare or unexpected situation arises, the company will be notified by receiving an alert to their mobile phone in real-time. This feature enables to respond immediately to any situation, preventing possible loss or damage to any of the containers and shipments

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