Our A-Team

Starcom is led by a visionary team.

Each member of the Starcom team has the relevant education and a rich experience in their field, to provide you with the best product, guidance and service, without compromise.Starcom Company sees its team members not only as employees, but as a family that works in full cooperation towards a common goal, to continue being the number one provider of automated tracking and monitoring solutions in the world.Starcom is led by a visionary management with proven experience in worldwide ventures. its technical team consists of creative HW and SW developers and a specialist tech team- all working on creating the “next new thing” under Starcom Systems brand name.On the marketing and logistical side, lie the most professional logistical team and excellent marketing and sales people- all focusing on meeting the growing demands of the market in a timely manner and in keeping with each market’s special requirements.All are forming a special human fabric and teaming up to drive the wheels that make the overall solution of Starcom the most advanced in the world.

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Avi Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer

Founded Mobiltel Communication Services and served as its CEO for three years, until it was bought-out by Pelephone (The first mobile telephony provider in the country). During this period created a development and sales infrastructure which defined, developed, and marketed a GPS-based location product for vehicles. The product was marketed under the "Shiturit" brand name. It was the first in the country to use GPS technology. The vast experience Mr. Hartmann gained in this venture allowed him to establish Starcom, along with his overseas partners.

Doron Kedem, Chief Operating Officer

Founded Mobiltel Communication Services and served as its VP for three years, until it was bought-out by Pelephone. During this period established an operations infrastructure for the practical operation of a GPS-based product for vehicle location. The product was marketed under the "Shiturit" brand name. The vast experience gained in this venture allowed him to establish Starcom, along with his overseas partners.

Uri Hartmann, Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for all software and product research and development. He developed the first VHF/GPS software solution in the country for the AVL and MSD market and pioneered the world's first software to permit the integration of the cellular phone for interactivity between the user and his/her vehicle or home directly from the cellular handset. Mr. Hartmann has developed the LCU-500, a vehicle location unit over Cellular technologies. Mr. Hartmann has over 15 years experience in this field.

Igor Vatenmacher - Chief Financial Officer

Igor Vatenmacher

Mr Vatenmacher is a CPA (Israel) who served as a senior accountant at Ernst and Young from 2009 to 2013. He is an executive MBA with Honours from the Hebrew University Jerusalem, having graduated from Ben-Gurion University with a BA in Economics (specializing in accounting). Prior to joining Starcom, he was a financial executive at Avgol, an international non-woven products company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Maxim Prilutsky, Managing Director of WatchLock Division

With his high verbal skills and vast knowledge in both marketing and engineering, Maxim is manager of the Tetis and WatchLock division. Maxim holds a degree in engineering, and has more than 6 years experience in the marketing division of the leading cellular company in the country. This position required implementing his excellent interpersonal skills as well as his technical expertise.

Isaac Maina, Africa Support Manager

In charge of Starcom Sales and support in the African Region. With over 10 years of experience in Electronics and electrical technology. Certifications in CCNA, N+ and A+ and currently pursuing a B.SC in Electrical Engineering in the University of Nairobi. Mr. Maina is fluent in French and manages our French speaking countries. He has a good knowledge in and is very experienced in High Frequency electronics and electrical testing industry, including direct experience in circuit breakers, ground fault systems, and protective relay testing. He has a profound knowledge on how to install, adjust, or maintain mobile electronic communication equipment, including sound, sonar, security, navigation, and surveillance systems on vehicles.

Emile Saul, VP Business Development

Emile is responsible for the development of strategic business growth engines in the Middle East and West Africa as well as the establishment of strategic alliances with leading tracking and security providers. Prior to this position, Emile served at Spetrotec as VP & Chief Marketing Officer for 3 years. Previously, he worked with Motorola for 20 years, filling several global sales and business development managerial positions, and on his last role was responsible for the global sales of Motorola In-Vehicle phones. Emile holds a Master and Bachelor degrees in Industrial Management Engineering.

Jose Cuperman, Sales Director Latin America
jose-cupermanAs Starcom's Sales Director in Latin America, Jose is in charge of maintaining relationships with Starcom's partners, while growing their business. Jose works vigorously on opening new distribution channels and seeking new opportunities. As a native of Colombia, he feels at home in Latin America and enjoys the warmth and professionalism of the region.  Jose has over 20 years of experience in High Tech and security sales and worked for leading technology and security companies. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Icesi University in Colombia.
Jonathan Sabban, Director of Business development and Sales - Europe
jonathan-sabbanJonathan is responsible for establishing the distribution channel in Europe. with a deep knowledge and experience in market analysis and strategic alliances establishment, he oversees the forming and recruiting new key partnerships and accounts through Europe. Jonathan has more than 8 years of experience in international business development in Europe, Africa and Latin America and 10 years in R&D of Telecom and Defense systems. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer science and Mathematics and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.
Michal Nissenson, International Marketing Manager

Michal is our International Marketing Manager. Formerly she was marketing manager for a biometric security startup that she helped be featured at TechCrunch 2014. In addition to marketing Michal has over a decade of experience in journalism in fields like economics and society as well as lifestyle and food in Israel and in the U.S. Michal has a BA in Economics and Political Science and an MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University, as well as an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

David Laor, Technical support for Spanish / Portuguese languages.

David's in depth knowledge in IT has more than 20 years of technical and managerial positions in high technology companies, and contributes to Starcom to provide Tech support to customers in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese, on all Starcom´s products and services . In his last position David served as a Web developer and IT manager assisting a public company to successfully publish and support its products and solutions. David holds a B.A in Information Technologies degree from an Institute in Mexico and a diploma in advanced CIO studies.

Stephan Friedman, Technical Support Specialist

Starting with 5 year background in orientation and safety training for the top high tech companies, such as Intel and Tower Semiconductor, Stephan has developed strong technical and support skills. With his fluent English and Russian, translation experience, interactive training and knowledge of relevant computer applications and equipment, Stephan provides technical support to a global list of customers. By utilizing his excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, organizational and presentation skills, he identifies and resolves the clients' technical issues via email, phone and other electronic medium.

Ron Azoulay, Technical Support and demo guidance

5 years experience in sales and guiding customers in high tech companies. Ron has extensive technical knowledge, well-developed service orientation and sales orientation.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language, extensive knowledge and experience with varied software computer applications and equipment.

Ron holds a Diploma of electronics & electrical engineering and has a large experience in research & development of sophisticated electronic systems.

Ron is responsible for guiding new customers through the demo process and for providing them with the required technical and marketing support.

Natan Galperin, Hardware Development Manager

Responsible for all hardware development and matching it to the different requirements for all starcom systems. Natan has a very rich experience in hardware and embedded development, starting with developing AMR systems (automatic meter reading), continue with developing the network for RTS (real time location system) for up to thousand tags per section and developing industrial controller for of materials.  Natan has 5 patents regarding RTS, 4 patents for control systems and tracking and 1 patent waiting for approval.

Vadim Leitman, VP Engineering and Operations

Responsible for R&D designs and purpose improvements, Managing R&D projects in front of PCB editors and developments teams, Implementation of new products on the hardware level to mass production along with suppliers and manufactures and for document control, bill of materials and product trees. Vadim also heads up the procurement, manufacturing and operations division. He is responsible for implementing processes of assembly and the testing of all products on the assembly line of our sub-contractors. Vadim is the contact person between Starcom Systems and the sub-contractors located around the globe. Vadim has over 15 years of experience in development and design of high-tech technologies. Holds electronic engineer and BA in business administration and marketing from MLA.