The need for information


Avi Hartmann, CEO Starcom Systems

After 18 months, it is not a secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic, had a dramatic impact on global container logistics. Many port authorities are still significantly understaffed, some are still under serious movement restrictions or partial lockdowns, which results in a global container shortage.

Despite the pandemic, Drewry  ( ) predicts an yearly increase in the demand of refrigerated containers to be at 3.7% till the year of 2024, reaching a total 156M tones a year. Drewry assume that the current supply will not cover the projected increase in demand.

Resulting in a direct impact on the freight shipping fees, increasing the refrigerated container shipment by 4 time and dry container by 3 time.

With raising costs of each shipment, container monitoring and protection is not reserved to high valued or high-risk cargo only.

Container tracking solutions are available for more than a decade; however, it is implemented in a very small percentage of the global container fleet. In the past, there were several attempts by market leading companies to  increase the number of monitored containers in the world, with no success. The main obstacles to those attempts were: (1) cost of service per trip in comparison with the cost of the container and shipment (2) duration and complexity of the device installations.

In light of increased shipment costs, both shipping companies and market leaders are reevaluating the implementation of tracking systems, as now the solution is cost effective and productive.

Starcom Systems offer several lines of products to track and protect the container and its environment. The Tetis line of products with dedicated solution for the refrigerated containers the Tetis R and a unique solution for the dry containers the Tetis.

Both Tetis products provide a wide variety of data points and parameters of the container: real time location of the container, temperature readings, impact detection and handling monitoring, doors status and light detection.

Starcom online monitoring platform provides a flexible solution for all data points and relevant person. The information and notifications arrive to the relevant person only, based on relevance and job description, whether it is logistics, accounting or security. The system can also generate a wide rage of scheduled and “on-demand” reports based on the locations and history points of the units.

The system is designed to optimize the supply chain, prevent potential mistakes and makes the entire experience of shipment more transparent and less stressful. The Tetis installation process is very simple, fast and cost effective.

The second line of products that supports the protection of the container environment and goods is the Kylos family of products. The Kylos Forever provides security and monitoring solution for the pallet or ULD where the Kylos Compact fits to monitor the cargo boxes. Both units provide a wide range of parameters: real time location of the goods, temperature reading, impact or mishandling of the goods and light triggered events.

Last but not least, a truly unique product that supports the container environment is the Lokies, our keyless smart padlock. The Lokies monitors its location and sate in real time, it will alert upon any deviation in the pre-defined operations, any attempt to open it or breach its shackle, its built in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities, allow the Lokies to interface with various external sensors.

With the combined capabilities of all 3 lines of products (Tetis, Kylos and Lokies) Starcom Systems offers complete protection and visibility of the entire supply chain,  from the factory doors  thru the inland transportation, the sea freight and successful delivery to the client.