Starcom’s distributor tackles the “Fuel Control” challenge Head-on!

Fuel is today’s largest expense for running a vehicle, making it one of the largest expenditures for operating a vehicle fleet. The escalating fuel pricing poses fleet managers with the challenge of managing their driver usage of fuel more carefully and effectively.

Starcom’s longtime Panamanian partner, Mr. Juan Tarté of Intelisoft Panama, tackled this challenge and came up with a simple yet brilliant idea for tracking and managing fuel consumption.   He discovered that a simple integration between Starcom’s Helios Advanced Plus unit and its Dallas Set makes the perfect solution for fuel distribution control.

The combination results in a cost-effective, smart tank gauging solution, enabling companies and fleet managers to efficiently manage and control fuel distribution and inventory and to minimize the risk of fuel theft or excessive consumption.

How does it work?

A Dallas socket is installed on every fuel pump in the perimeter, while the Dallas Button (vehicle identifier) installed in the vehicle, is used to activate the fuel pump and enable the fueling by connecting it to the Dallas socket. An exact fuel level reading is achieved by using the pulse reader integrated at the Helios Advanced Plus (used as an Odometer) connected to the Fuel Pulsometer.

The installed unit communicates with the fuel pump, records the data of the vehicle and the fuel level received, and disables the fuel pump in case the vehicle is out of the permitted unloading zone or if the engine is on.

Reports generated by this fuel management system enable fleet managers to effectively oversee their fuel distribution fleet, control operating hours per vehicle, allocate fuel expenses for job costing and improve driver accountability.

Ultimately, this intelligent integration has been specifically designed to meet the needs of any fleet manager, who is on the lookout to reduce fuel consumption by their drivers and consequently cut back on costs.

Now you can reach new customers or present your existing customers with this innovation and offer these benefits!

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