Meet Helios TT (Track and Trace) -The NEW advanced unit for monitoring your vehicle

Meet Helios TT (Track and Trace) -The NEW advanced unit for monitoring your vehicle

Helios TT opens a new profitable niche in the market: The Motorcycle Market which is fast growing and demands high levels of security. The Helios TT is a small unit and can be fully concealed from view. It will also help you to quickly recover your motorbike if stolen. The unit is available with a waterproof case that gives maximum protection from water and extreme weather conditions. For the traditional automotive markets, the Helios TT will allow you to keep ahead of your competitors with its innovative approach to known problems. For example, alerts in Real-Time when your vehicle is being moved and will remotely and gradually slowdown your stolen vehicle.

As you may know, cases of vehicle theft are not uncommon. Helios TT will help you to stay in control of your assets. This unique device will keep track of the cellular antennas in the vicinity of the unit, and compare the antennas recorded to the ones at the time of start, and if they do not match – a Tow Alert will be transmitted. The driver gets all this without turning on the GPS and by using a very low power consumption.

Helios TT is the latest news from the renowned line of Helios products from Starcom Systems. The experience we have gained from you, our customers around the globe, has given us the valuable insight to understand what the market really needs – and we are happy to reveal that we have completed the development of the Helios TT and it is now available for purchase at an affordable price.

Add Helios TT to your portfolio, the device that grants the ultimate solution for security needs.

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