GPS Tracking device in a Dumpster?

Kylos is the most sophisticated easy to use unit for tracking merchandise in real time for protection and management.

Starcom Systems has just completed a very successful trial for dumpsters tracking with the Kylos device for your benefit. The Kylos unit was placed inside a dumpster in a concealed spot to monitor the dumpster location. The trial was extremely effective in transmitting its location and reporting its tilting events in Real-Time, despite being hidden inside a metal pipe.

The Kylos unit allows you to track driver behavior and to build a dumpster fleet management framework. The accomplishment of this trial offers the opportunity to create new business lines and to track dumpsters or other assets in your own country with Starcom System’s solutions.

The Kylos is an autonomic system and very easy to use. The system operates with a built in battery, without the need for external power supply. Thanks to its built-in wide range of sensors, the Kylos will provide you with the ability to control a broad range of situations and enable you to monitor all kinds of merchandise.

The Kylos indicates the exact position of your merchandise, and its condition, at any given moment. It is receptive to any changes in location, movement, light, or temperature, and an alert will be sent according to these predefined conditions. The Kylos also has a flexible system that allows you to choose the type of alerts you wish to receive.

The Kylos allows you to keep track confidentially since the unit is small and concealable.
Starcom is offering the Kylos at a special price from today until December 2013. We welcome you to test the KYLOS and to try our simulation kit at: [email protected] or Order Online!