Surprising utilizations of the Kylos in arms accessories and more

Surprising utilizations of the Kylos in
arms accessories and more

A few months ago, Starcom Systems has launched the Kylos – the wireless tracking device. Its astonishing performances knocked on many projects all over the world. Many companies found out that this unique device can fulfill a wide variety of solutions. We are proud to present here two recent examples of the Kylos usages in the world. is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced, superior arms accessories. The Kylos is built-in inside the weapon’s butt, due to its small size, concealed from the outside. There are various usages for this application and a great potential in the future, due to the Kylos’s unique tracking and monitoring solutions. The main ones include: tracking and allocating stolen weapons, helping in locating forces in the field and directing them through one major headquarter to improve their efficiency, and providing a wider perspective of the battlefield and minimize the chances for shooting at your own forces. is using the Kylos as a compact wireless solution for detecting the location of bicycles in any given moment, and streaming this data to Mobile navigation applications and in vehicle infotainment systems in real-time. Cyclebe is capable of warning drivers of bicycle riders ahead of time to prevent accidents. The Kylos is located beneath the cyclist seat and can be easily assembled from the bicycle. It provides the location and speed data throughout the route and additional features, including automatic light when needed, resolution of every 30 sec, and 24 hours data.

The Kylos contains a wide range of built-in sensors, providing the ability to control a broad range of situations that enable to protect every merchandise. It indicates the exact position of the merchandise at any moment, and an alert is being sent according to predefined authorized/unauthorized location, movement, light and temperature. The Kylos allows keeping track confidentially due to the unit is small and concealable.
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