Surprising utilizations of the Kylos in arms accessories and more A few months ago, Starcom Systems has launched the Kylos – the wireless tracking device. Its astonishing performances knocked on many projects all over the world. Many companies found out that this unique device can fulfill a wide variety ofRead More >

Helios: outstanding tracking & monitoring performances Helios from Starcom System GPS has participated at the Puma Energy Rally of Tanzania 2012.  The Helios unique features were shown by delivering excellent reports and alerts, including route and work hours. During the Rally an accident occurred with one of the cars andRead More >

Starcom Online for Mobile

August 10th 2012

Starcom Systems is keeping on pioneering and leading the tracking and monitoring market in both online and offline applications. Since Starcom recognized the huge potential in Online for Mobile, we developed the recent update that allows you to be in control all time by simply using your mobile. It isRead More >

A Chinese sage used to say to his dear ones: “If I could be in two places at the same time, I would be with you twice at the same moment”. Starcom Systems has accomplished this goal by creating and launching the upgraded Rainbow. The Rainbow is a unique personalRead More >

Starcom systems is continuing to launch new products from its R & D department into the tracking and monitoring systems market. We are now very proud to reveal the KYLOS – an autonomic system with built in battery without the need for external power supply. The KYLOS contains a wideRead More >

We are very proud to publish this week, a new Starcom Online´s feature: Automatic Fuel Calibration. Previously, in order to get a valid fuel tank status, the system installers had to take during the installation, a few electrical measurements of the fuel gauge, in order to be able to convertRead More >

Starcom Systems Ltd. ( is a worldwide leader in GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for vehicle fleets, goods, containers and people. We are proud to announce that the Watchlock intelligent high security padlock has recently won the prestigious award: “Physical Security Product of the Year” (May 14th, 2012). The awardRead More >

Starcom systems is delighted to reveal to you that Starcom’s unique container locator –  the Tetis –  is approved by Lloyds, the leading insurance company in the world, as a monitoring system for containers. We welcome you to use the above information for your own needs while you contact localRead More >

Fleet management applications are crucial in order to sustain the organization efficient. The system must be both highly reliable and price attractive. Starcom Systems’ Helios Basic enables fleet management to control and monitor all its fleets, including sales people, office employees, and couriers in a maximum coverage. Coverage of allRead More >

Dear Colleagues, we are proud to keep you posted that during May, the Watchlock will be presented in two respectable International shows.  Watchlock -The ultimate Gatekeeper – strong, smart and friendly, integrating Mul-T-Lock’s High Security mechanical lock with Starcom Systems’ advanced electronic alarm, to provide you with intelligent security, real-timeRead More >