April 23rd, 2008: Starcom Update

This month we bring you the latest news and updates of February through April 2008.

We have recently set up an account on YouTube which we’ll use to publish various films, commercials, and shows in which the Starcom System is presented. There are currently 3 videos – 2 advertisements from Venezuela, and one prime-time show from India in which the local Starcom Systems’ operator, iTrack, introduced the system. You can visit and subscribe to our page at //youtube.com/starcomsystems.

Starcom Online:

  • Monitoring: Added support for multiple unit types (such as LCU500/PL/etc.).
  • Flash Maps: Changed satellite maps to be fetched from Google Maps instead of Virtual Earth.
  • Flash Maps: Long left click on the map opens a context menu in which you can find the closest vehicle to a location.

On the business aspect:

  • In the last few months, three operators were established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Peru, Tanzania, and the Czech Republic.
  • One of the major tracking companies in Argentina, Hawk GPS Solutions, has chosen the Starcom System as the one that will provide their infrastructure for the next coming years.
  • The Starcom System was evaluated for the past few monthes with strict QA tests, and was authorized by Mercedes-Benz as a recommended provider for installation in armed vehicles. Mercedes-Benz will start installing the system in their armed vehicles in Mexico. The original document (in Spanish) can be found at //www.starcomsystems.com/download/mercedes_aviso.pdf