January 30th, 2008: Starcom Update – The Personal Locator is here

This month we bring you the latest news and updates of November 2007 through January 2008, with exciting news regarding the personal locator!

The Personal Locator is here!

We’re proud to announce that the first production batch of the Personal Locator was sent to our operators! The preliminary responses from everyone were very positive, while we keep improving the application and the backbone infrastructure on a daily basis. We’ve updated the image of the product on our website, and new brochures and specifications will soon be ready. That makes the Personal Locator currently ready for commercial usage and purchase orders!

Starcom Website:

  • A “Case Studies” page was added. We highly recommend our operators to visit the page to get ideas and references as to the many variations and usages of the system.
  • We’ve redesigned the “Accessories” page to provide you with a more convenient and organized list of the various available accessories of the system.
  • We’ve updated our “A-Team” page to include the new managers we’re recruited during the past few months.

Starcom Online:

  • Flash maps: The new map engine is now available for all our operators! We’ve extended the supported coverage of the Flash Maps to the entire map database, and also applied an option to see a satellite image of the area.
  • Reports/Flash maps: In the work hours and vehicle history reports, you can now view the routes the vehicle did.
  • New language:  Malayalam.
  • Reports: “Vehicle History – Technical” now also includes a “Driver” column – which is the last code id that was entered using the keypad, or the Dallas id that was used. This will let you know which code was last entered in the keypad or which Dallas was used – whether it was the first code/Dallas, the second, or the third.
  • Perimeters: are now also available for Service – “Commercial”.
  • Users: A new option – “Allow Mobile Application”. It can be used to deny a user from accessing the Mobile Application.
  • Users: Heighten security: Added an option to force users to change their password once a month. The option is called “Force password changing once a month”.
  • Users: Heighten security: Added an option to lock specific accounts (for example – not paying customers). The option is called “Account is locked”.
  • Users: Heighten security: Added an option to lock specific accounts after 5 wrong password attempts. The option is called “Lock account after 5 bad login attempts”. You – as the operator – can always unlock a locked account using the new “Account is locked” option.

On the business aspect:

  • In the last few months, three operators were established, and Starcom System services are now available also in Ghana, El Salvador, and Spain.
  • The Starcom system and its services are now available over 39 countries around the world. Click here to the list of countries that we can mention.
  • We’ve opened two new regional headquarters – a European one in Paris – France, and a Latin American one on Buenos Aires – Argentina.
  • Two new appointments were made: Mr. Dario Visotzky is now our Latin America Marketing Manager. Mr. Gabi Shemaya is now our Marketing Manager for the French-speaking markets. They each bring a lot of experience to their positions and we’re sure they’ll help us to grow substantially during 2008.