Test Kylos fightihg covid



Starcom smart IoT “Kylos Forever Connect” units are already in use for real time monitoring of temperature and humidity in static vaccine refrigerators at health centers as well mobile transport boxes for the delivery of the vaccine.



The Covid-19 virus vaccine challenged the health authorities with strict restriction of -70 C degrees transportation and storage.

Many companies and health organizations facing this restriction along long and complicated delivery channel. From the factory by truck, to the destination by airplane and again by trucks with few stops until its last stop.

Facing such complicated logistic problem, few solutions created. Special mobile transport boxes cooled with liquid nitrogen or CO2 (dry ice) and static vaccine refrigerators at health centers. In all cases there is constant need monitoring the vaccine temperature, humidity and location.


Here, Starcom team steps in, Kylos Forever Connect with special temperature BLE sensors monitoring all these parameters from the moment the vaccine left the factory or arriving to the destination country.

The administrator can monitor it and make sure this life saving products will arrive in the obligated standards.

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